Christina works with enterprises of all sizes poised to transform their industries and make the world more just and sustainable.  


A sought after facilitator and presenter, Christina has taken hundreds of ultra high net worth leaders, social entrepreneurs, and investors globally through DEIS workshops and deep personal development work to unlock their personal and collective potential to transform the world.

As an advisor, Christina has worked with both large, fast growing global corporates as well as smaller start-ups across a variety of industries from sustainable manufacturing to hospitality  to nutriceuticals and wellness who are positioned to transform the very fabric of their industry and usher in a more just, sustainable approach as a core tenet of their value proposition.  

Christina’s unique approach integrates deep personal development and DEIS work with traditional business strategy to help each venture unlock their contribution to a more just, sustainable world as their competitive advantage in the market.

To learn more about working with Christina, please reach out at christina at